Monday, September 8, 2008

You Like Me...You Really Like Me

My good friend, Robin Merriman, awarded me the "I Love Your Blog" award last week. I can't believe I forgot to post it. Well, actually maybe I can. You see, it was the first week of school and DH was away on a business trip. So, a normally hectic week became even more hectic when I had to play both Mom and Dad. Thank goodness, Dennis is home this things can get back to normal!!!

As part of this award I am supposed to nominate seven people whose blog I admire. I read lots of blogs (thank goodness for Google Reader), but there are several that I look forward to every day.

The list of blogs that I love to visit are at the bottom of my blog (just hit the End key on your keyboard to get to the bottom). I hope you find them all as inspirational as I have.

It was a busy weekend.....we went to Apple Day in Excelsior, MN and then dinner with our good friends on Saturday night.....yesterday was a DS's double-header baseball game in Bloomington (they lost both hoo).

Today looks like oodles of laundry, vacuuming and stamping!!!!

Until tomorrow (or later if my mojo is in action).....Happy Stamping everyone!!!

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