Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What I Miss About Maui!!!

I just love this picture!! It reminds me how we used to wake up in the morning (albeit VERY early in the morning). We would wake up to the sound of the surf pounding the shoreline. You can see how misty it is in the morning. By 10am, the day was as clear as could be!! We would open the doors of the lanai and watch for the humpback whales!! Yup, this is what we would see from our condo. Cool, huh?

Although this picture is of a single humpback, we would often see a mama and her calf. The humpbacks go to Maui to mate or give birth to their calves.

Although I am happy to be home, I really do miss watching the antics of the whales!!! I've been working on some Maui scrapbook pages!! Now, I need to print off my pics at Target before I can show them all to you!!!

Until tomorrow....Happy Stamping everyone!!!

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GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Don't blame you for missing Maui. We lived in Prince Edward Island for a couple of years and saw all sorts of sea life. Not as warm, mind you, but still beautiful.