Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Run Out the Door" Birthday Card

How are all women alike? We all experience the "Crap! I need a birthday card" moment. Now this isn't so bad for us stampers. We just pull out our stash, make a mess that we swear we will clean up later and make the exact card that we need. See DH, there is a perfectly good reason for needing all the stuff I have stashed in the stamping studio.

This card is PERFECT for the throw together before I have to run out the door moment. It's simple.....but cute!!! I am trying to teach my stamping friends that come to my classes and read my blog, that making a simple yet beautiful card is PERFECT for any occasion. I think we all get hung up on those gorgeous cards that we see all the time on all these blogs we visit every day. Yes, they are fabulous to look at.....and I am so guilty of creating intricate cards more frequently than I should......but for most people, they get self-conscious about what they create because they are comparing themselves to what they see online. Heck, take a peek at the newest SU catalog. A lot of those cards are pretty easy to make because they focus on the KISS method.....keep it simple silly. So I want everyone to breathe and KISS when they make their cards. It will be beautiful!!!!!

I have to finish prepping for my club projects today! I will be back tomorrow with another stamped project....

Until tomorrow......Happy Stamping everyone!!!!

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Karista said...

I have been subscribing to your blog for a short time now and have so appreciated your work. I have to say, though, that this last post is a breath of fresh air! Thank you! As a new SU! demo I am a little overwhelmed with all the directions I could go with things, and it is good to know that "keeping it simple" is certainly an option I need to keep in mind!