Sunday, May 20, 2007

Minnesota AIDS Project

Today, Amanda (my amazing daughter) and I walked 6.2 miles benefiting the Minnesota AIDS Project. Amanda's favorite teacher organized the team. Together, the team raised over $3300 to benefit those people suffering with HIV and AIDS. The weather wasn't the was chilly and it rained on us several times, but it was a great feeling to have people on the sidelines cheering us on as we walked. Poor Amanda is now suffering from some wicked blisters (she had to wear sneakers a size too small....she left her good ones in her gym locker). The best part of the day: crossing that finish line knowing that we made a difference in someone else's life!!!

I will definitely stamp a project tomorrow!!! I am now in my jammies resting my feet!! I have no energy to go downstairs and stamp right now....sorry!!!

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gabby said...

Downstairs? Does that mean you studio is all put back together?
The pool looks awesome! You guys will sure enjoy that this summer.