Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pool Update

I've had a request to post the latest picture of the pool project. This picture shows the layout of the stamped concrete. The bottom right extends past this picture and will merge with an existing concrete patio.

This picture shows the concrete contractors laying the re-bar to stabilize the concrete. We had our inspections yesterday so the concrete can get poured as soon as the weather improves. The current plan is to pour tomorrow morning. Let's hope Mother Nature cooperates.
I will post pictures during the pouring and stamping process. We didn't have stamped concrete at the pool in the NY house. So, this will be interesting to watch!! I can't wait for the dog to stop dragging all the mud into the house!!!

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Christian Donner said...

Here is another question. Many people we know who went with stamped concrete regretted it because it turned out to be dangerously slippery, even with the stuff that you put on to increase friction. Let me know how you like it.