Saturday, March 1, 2008

I'm Sorry.....So Sorry!!!!

I am a bad, bad blogger this week. I haven't been posting, but I have some really valid excuses. First, we got a new car this week. The Honda dealership we worked with does not install the accessories you order until after you purchase the vehicle. So, my brand new Pilot was in the shop getting all the accessories in. That means I was stuck with a rental car for a day and a half. The kids had off yesterday due to teacher's you know NO stamping was accomplished yesterday!!! We had a great it was all worth it!!! We even came home and watched an old Disney movie yesterday. I haven't seen Hercules in years. So much fun!!!

Then it's been a crazy Tae-kwon-do week so far. A midterm testing and a tournament for DS. DS did a fantastic job on both. He's within a few months of testing for his 2nd degree black belt, and he placed 1st in Forms and 3rd in Sparring. He chose not to compete in weapons at this tournament!!!!

Finally, I've been working REALLY hard on revamping how I run my business. I am reformulating my newsletters. That has been a full time job for the past couple of days. I don't think I have stamped since Wednesday (yes, I AM going through withdrawal).

I am also currently working on a fabulous Stamps By Mail offering. It is so completely gorgeous I just can't stand it. I will have all the details announced by the beginning of the week.

I will have something to post tomorrow.........I pinky swear!!!!

Until tomorrow....Happy Stamping everyone!!


JessicaLynn said...

I love that Disney Movie!! One of my favorites!!

Thank you for the excellent work with the JessicaLynnOriginal Stamp Team. I will be sending out a new exciting notice soon :)

Your samples were a hit, thank you for taking the time and caring to make them. It really means a lot!

Hope all is well!
Jessica Lynn

JessicaLynn said...

Hi Patti, i tagged you, check out my blog for details!!