Thursday, March 20, 2008

Whoa Oh! Livin' On a Prayer!!!

Oh yes! One of my dreams came true last night. I FINALLY got to see Bon Jovi in concert. I basically have a 1-900 phone number voice today from screaming my head off. It was THAT good.

Daughtry was the opening act. DS and I saw them when they opened for Nickelback in the fall of last year. We had a hard time hearing him the first time. They were completely awesome last night!!!

Bon Jovi then came on. Oh......he is still gorgeous. He has the best personality. A lot of the concerts nowadays are just loaded with curse words and inferences of sex. I think Jon swore once last night saying "he was too old for this %^$*" (after dancing around the stage like a crazy man). It was, by far, the best concert I have been to!!!

Thanks for letting me talk about my dream concert.


Heather Leech said...

I totally agree with you about Bon Jovi. I saw them in concert before Christmas in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. We didn't get Daughtry as the opening act *inserty pouty face*, but it was the most incredible concert I've seen!! It was the last one on the Canadian part of the tour so they did the entire new album and almost every single they released that you could think of. Absolutely amazing!!
Glad you enjoyed it too!!
Heather L.

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Oh you lucky girl! I have loved Jon since I was in 4th or 5th grade. He can still rock. I saw them at Summerfest maybe 5 years ago but I would pay premium $$ to see them again - any time!

Renée said...

Isn't he AWESOME, Patti?! We live right outside of Philadelphia ( in NJ!) and we have season tickets to the Philadelphia Soul, too! He's usually at every game, but with the tour, we haven't seen him as often. He's so personable! We saw him the beginning of March and it was one of the BEST concerts I have EVER SEEN! He's adorable............

jane said...

I am so envious!! I love Bon Jovi and Daughtry! My family and I have been jammin' to Bon Jovi in Rock Band. Wanted...Dead or Alive! Hope you keep those great memories from the concert forever.