Wednesday, June 6, 2007

More pool pictures!!!

The landscapers came yesterday to install a french drain system to redirect the water from our sump pump towards the back of the property. They cut what remaining sod was left in the pool area and placed top soil in preparation for the plants and new sod.

The fence is next on the list. They will either be here late this week or early next week. I will feel much better when the real fence is in rather than relying on the orange construction fence to keep a barrier.

Today is the kids' last day of school. They have been enjoying the pool thus far, and they can't wait to hang out at the pool all summer. Ah, the lazy days of summer!!!!

The weather is crazy here in MN. When people say "if you don't like the weather in Minnesota, just wait 10 minutes", they are not kidding. It goes from sunny to a downpour and back to sunny again. It reminds me of my honeymoon in Barbados.....just not as tropical, KWIM?

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