Thursday, June 28, 2007

The New Catalog is Here!

Yesterday was quite comical!! I knew my catalogs were coming via UPS. So, I basically did everything I could to keep myself busy until 2:30pm. I watered the lawn, vacuumed, dusted.....basically everything but stamp (that's why there's no card posted today....sorry!!!). Anyway, I finally jump in the shower and guess who comes to the door? Mr. UPS man.....with my brand new beautiful catalogs!!! DD is also in the shower, and it is our tradition to go through the catty together. So, I bang on the bathroom door telling her to hurry up because THEY are here. I throw some gel in my hair so it's not a totally bad hair day. DD and I then proceed to go through the new catty.....drooling over all the new goodies!!!

So what caught my eye in this new catty?

1. The layout itself is amazing. Kudos to the graphic is so much easier to read and find things!!!

2. The samples are amazing. Yes, there are cards, but there are also TONS of gift project ideas in there. How many times have I spent $15 on an idea book that is disappointing? The idea book costs $9.95, has tons of great papercrafting ideas, the recipes for all those ideas and oodles of new goodies for me to play with!!

3. My favorite stamp sets:
Christmas - "Big on Christmas" - so cute, big words with a character for one of the letters
Floral - "A Beautiful Life" - a stunning daffodil set
Whimsical - "Garden Whimsy" - butterflies, snails, cute!!!
Useful - "Calendar" - oh the possibilities to make your own little calendars
Greetings - "Wonderful Favorites" - a great set for anyone on your cardmaking list
Background - "Sanded" - looks like it was sanded with a sanding block in both directions

4. The new accessories are incredible.......textured 12x12 cardstock, new In Colors, Pretties Kit (with dyeable flowers, pearls, rhinestones), Crop-o-dile, all the new punches!!!!

I hope all of you have an opportunity to caress a catalog of your very own!! I am sure you will find your own list of treasures!!!

I will try to stamp a card later tonight to post for tomorrow!!!

Happy Stamping!!!

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