Friday, June 1, 2007

Water Features

Today was the day I was anticipating.......the installation of the water feature!!! I was so nervous since Dennis and I basically picked it off of an internet site rather than seeing in person. I have to say that it looks fabulous.

There is another water feature that I do not have pictures of yet. There are water jets that crisscross in front of the diving board. The kids will have a blast diving through the water!!! I will try to post a picture later in the day.

The heater is turned on, and we hope to spend the weekend in the pool, if the weather holds out. The next phase is the landscaping (which is supposed to start this afternoon). The fence happens after that. Then the landscapers come back in to add the plants and river rock. I can't wait to see the plants we've picked out to surround the water feature.

I will try to post a stamping project later too. I haven't spent a ton of time in the stamping studio as things are crazy here with the school year coming to a close.

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