Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm Still Here

Wow! What a day!!! The worst part is that I did stamp today, but I TRULY hated the result and refused to post it!!!! I think the problem lies here. While stamping, I was compelled to watch episodes of the first season of Project Runway. WHAT A MISTAKE!!!! All that complaining and backstabbing killed my stamping mojo. Who needs that kind of drama when stamping is how I relax?????

So, what did I do? I put the disaster card down and made dinner. After cleaning the kitchen with DH, I went downstairs and pulled the card apart. I decided that the separate pieces would be perfect for 2 different cards. So, I made two GORGEOUS cards instead of one!!!! I am very happy with the results. Do you want to see them? You'll have to wait until tomorrow. By the time I finished the cards, it was too dark to photograph. Sorry!!! I promise I will post them tomorrow!!!!

More good news......I got some new rubbah today!!! They are all cut and ready to use tomorrow!!! My first "big" order from the new catty arrives on Monday. Now, that will be a GREAT day!!!!

I hope you had a better stamping day than I did......until tomorrow.......

Happy Stamping everyone!!!!

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